Celebrity Fragrance Find - Surprise! by Heidi Klum

While I didn't realize Surprise! by Heidi Klum was her fourth fragrance (yes even a beauty blogger has a hard time keeping up with all the fragrance launches!), I have to say this one took me by "surprise" :)
The notes for the fragrance, which are supposed to reflect Heidi's multi-faceted personality are not, in and of the themselves very unusual - but the final product was a very enjoyable, and actually reminded me of something unexpected  - a soap I loved while visiting Austria a few years back. Maybe the coincidence is not so "surprising" since Heidi is from Germany and also spends time in the Austria area for her European television and promotional work...
So about this soap - it was slightly spicy, slightly powdery with a very light, zesty "clean" feel - I remembered looking forward to using it everyday at my hotel.
That's how I ending up feeling about Surprise - I looked forward to using it on many a morning.  I loved the opening notes of Mandarin and Pink Pepper mixed with a touch of floral.  On my skin, the scent soon turned more spicy/warm/powdery with the benzoin and milk of sandalwood notes played up.  I would say it's very feminine, fun scent and could easily be worn in any day time situation. 

The slightly powdery spiciness remained for hours until the dry down softened the woods and became very sexy.  It had good staying power on me, but I enjoyed refreshing in the early evening as well.
I also really like the bottle - it's different and really does remind me of Heidi and her sense of fun and the unexpected! - RLB
Fragrance Notes:
Mandarin, Pink Pepper
Rose Petals, Magnolia
Benzoin, Milk of Sandalwood
Go--> Surprise! by Heidi Klum is available at mass retailers and drugstores nationwide.  $28 for a 1.0 fl. oz. bottle.

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