The NEW Pretty In My Pocket is Here! - Your In-Store Mobile Shopping Assistant

A few months ago I told you about (PRIMP) Pretty in My Pocket, an app which is a mobile shopping assistant for beauty products.

With a quick mobile bar code scan, you can pull up beauty product reviews, recommendations from friends and experts like me, and location-based perks for their favorite beauty purchases.

I have the wonderful honor of being named a PRIMP "Power Primper". What that means for all of you beauty lovers is you'll get the benefit of my 6+ years of writing about beauty, tons of my product reviews right where you need them at point of purchase in the store, the latest trends and more exclusive content.

Now PRIMP is in BETA and has relaunched with over 70,000 beauty products in the PRIMP database. When you're in the store, simply scan the product bar code or input the name of any beauty product to gain access to reviews and get more product information. You can also add the scanned or searched product to your virtual cosmetics case. That way, you and your friends can check out each other’s PRIMP Bags for inspiration and product information.

The product detail page shows you the item’s description, rating, and reviews. If this is a product you truly love drop it right in your real life shopping cart - or you can even purchase the item online through PRIMP's partners. Welcome to the age of mobile-commerce!

See you "in your phone" soon! - RLB

Go--> Head to right now, download the FREE app and become a PRIMP member by signing in through Facebook or by inputting your email address and password.

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