Beauty Find - Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil

Josie Maran has grown her Argan Oil - based skin care and cosmetics product line in the most amazing way over the last few years.
She seems to really get at the heart of what women want in a beauty product (that's also natural and/or organic).

My latest favorite is her Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil is one of those products that's destined to become a beauty cult classic for her line.
It works as a hand cream, cuticle moisturizer, lip balm, hair tamer, facial hydrator and highlighter and more...

It's a creamy oil formula, so while it starts out as a oil, as soon as you run your hands together and warm the product it instantly turns into a creamy/lotion texture.  It's very concentrated, so I only needed a pea-sized amount for my hands, with enough left over to give my cuticles a nice massage and also apply to my lips.  What I love about this is even though you would expect some greasiness, there is absolutely no oily residue - it absorbs completely within seconds, leaving a nice sheen on the skin.  

The scent is also fantastic - a fresh, light orange like fragrance that also dissipates quickly and is not overbearing.  It feels so soothing and luxurious.

Some other great ways to use it are patting it lightly on cheeks after makeup application to add more moisture on a very cold/dry day and give skin a added glow, use on dry ends of hair and to tame flyaways during the day.  This is also a great treatment for dry feel and and to conditional cracked, chapped heels.  It can also be used pre-makeup application on very dry/flaky skin as a wonderful primer treatment - and even to tame eyebrows (not to mention even more uses stated on the packaging).

Pick this up and make sure you always have it on hand! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Josie Maran PR for reviewing purposes.


Alexis said...

All of the Josie Maran products are addicting! I had no idea this even existed but am getting it immediately!

Unknown said...

I love Josie Maran products especially the argan oil stick.