Ciate Joins The "Holo" Craze with Their Very Colourfoil Manicure Set

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

While I typically tend to keep it simple and favor classic solid shades when it comes to my manicures of choice, I'm all for branching out with the help of nail art. That is, as long as said nail art is a) ridiculously easy for a total n00b like me to apply, b) not too crazy/textured/3D, and c) fairly long-lasting. In other words, count out Ciate's whole caviar craze; same goes for those bizarre stick-on appliques that threaten to poke my eye out whenever my hands get anywhere near my face. 

You'd think a list of strict requirements like that, combined with my general lack of motivation towards anything crafty, I'd have a winning recipe for "let's not even bother," but I think I've found a nail art set a lazybones like me can actually get onboard with. Ciate's latest creation, the Very Colourfoil Manicure, takes full advantage of spring's hologram effect craze with a three-step kit that's simple enough for even someone like me to apply with little to no frustration. 

Simply the apply the base shade – either coral, mint, or a slate grey, depending on your kit of choice, top with the special Foil Fix applicator, then apply the multicolored foil to create the desired metallic-finish effect. I swear, people will think you either spent a ton of money getting your nails professionally blinged-out, or that you're just really crafty... and neither of those have to be true! - Alexandra Gambardella

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