Drugstore Buy of the Week -Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer


This is one of those times is actually not a bad thing to be "lazy".
Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant is a non-greasy, fast absorbing spray lotion that will get you in and out of your bathroom in just a few minutes.
What I love about the spray is that is has a nice, smooth continuous flow and a light (in this case cocoa) scent which disappeared completely after it's dried.  The specially designed spray nozzle allows you to easily apply it to the back, legs, neck, etc. 
I started by holding the can about 4 inches away and pressed firmly on the cap. My favorite way to apply it was to start at the bottom left foot and spray "up" all the way to my shoulder in one continuous motion.  Then I would quickly rub the lotion in.  By the time I started on the right hand side, from the top shoulder spraying all the way "down" to my foot the left side was not only completely dry but soft, smooth with a nice healthy sheen from the cocoa butter.  The texture of the spray feels a bit thicker than you're average water spray e.g. Evian, and comes out as a very fine mist. Note: Shake the can very well first in order to get the best mist coverage.  I was able to get immediately afterwards, so this is absolutely a time save in the morning! So no excuses for moisturizing your entire body in the morning now (note the beginning of this post)...
This is the perfect way to apply lotion on-the-go while you're in the car commuting or after working out during a busy day.  It left no residue, grease or powdery substances on either clothing on interiors/furniture.  During the summer this will be my go-to product since it's so light as well.
The hydration level for this lotion is very good for those of you with normal to dry skin.  I would recommend for those of you who have especially dry areas like feet, top of legs, etc to do a second spray just in that area for additional hydration, however. - RLB

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