Get a No-Regrets Head Start on Your Summer Tan with St. Tropez Moisturizer

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

I live in San Francisco, where pool parties are scarce and even the most summery of weather hardly calls for anything sleeveless. I also don't have any plans for a tropical getaway anytime soon. So what does that mean, exactly? My tan needs some serious work and there's little opportunity to work on it. Tragic, I know. Considering the fact that an artificial bronze glow often ends up looking exactly how it sounds – artificial – how does one stop being pasty without showing up to work the next day a completely different hue than the day before – especially since it's not even officially springtime yet?

St. Tropez is helping sun-starved gals like me work on my golden glow gradually with the help of its Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer. If you're looking for subtle results that will simply help your skin stop glowing under blacklight – and possibly get a head start on a serious tan for when you are ready to embrace the bronze goddess look with full force – this lotion will provide natural, buildable, streak-free color that doesn't look overdone or orange! And the best part? Unlike other self-tanning products, it smells as subtle as it looks! - Alexandra Gambardella

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