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Do you admire the hair buns, top knots and chignons of celebs like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, to name a few?

They are always SO perfect - right?  High, round and perfectly formed....

I've discovered a secret that will give you the ability to create your very own perfect bun  - at home.
And yes it is easy to do.

Hot Buns Hair Accessory make it easy to simply roll your hair onto the special foam piece, and then keep it in place - without using any pins!

The basic steps are shown in the graphic below, but here are a few tips. 
  •  It's best to start out with dry, fully detangled hair.
  •  Next, put hair into a pony tail with a elastic hair band.
  •  Open the hair buns roll  (there are two sizes for shorter and longer hair included) and place it at the end of your hair, and roll it toward your scalp.  Take your time with this step to ensure the neatest bun!
  •  Then snap the flexible but sturdy Hot Buns ring closed and fan the hair out along the ring, covering it with your hair. There is also a small little pulley string located inside which you can use to make the bun tighter if desired and ensure it never "falls" or droops while you're wearing it.
The great thing about the Hot Bun ring is that you can position it anywhere on your head.  So experiment with at the very top, at the nape of your neck and even the side of your head.  If you want to leave hair out in the front/have bangs, just brush the hair you want in the bun and gather in a ponytail before your begin.

There are two versions to choose from to match hair colors - one lighter and one darker.  I used the darker one and the soft doughnut material didn't snag or tangle my hair, so it's safe even for hair that's more breakage prone.

Another great bonus with the Hot Buns is when you take your hair out of the bun, you get a great loose, beachy waves or curls depending on your natural hair texture.  So you can use this at night, sleep in it and wake up in the morning to bouncy waves or curls which stay in place all day.  If you want tighter curls, simply wrap the Hot Bun around damp hair, air or blow dry, spray with holding hair spray and then release it. 

You'll be surprised all the things you can do with this little $10 wonder. RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Hot Buns PR for reviewing purposes.

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