Living Proof Full Discovery Kit for The Girl Who Lusts After Lush Locks

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

Have you ever watched one too many episodes of Sex and the City, bitterly wishing you could trade your own limp strands for Carrie Bradshaw's lush, voluminous locks? While she's certainly an extreme example of one end of the hair spectrum, you wouldn't be alone in lusting after thicker hair... but what if achieving thicker, fuller hair was as simple as making your own locks realize their full potential? 

Living Proof's Full Discovery Kit contains four products specifically targeted to help add volume and buoyancy to blah, limp locks that need some serious uplifting (literally)! Full Shampoo and Full Conditioner provide hair with the perfect balance of deep-cleansing and hydration without stripping strands of vital nutrients or weighing hair down, while Full Thickening Cream helps add some serious va-va-voom to the styling process – no ratting comb required! And of course, don't forget the Full Root Lift, which adds volume directly at the roots while still maintaining flexibility and natural movement. 

Sure, the haircare mavens at Living Proof aren't miracle workers (pretty darn close though), but this is undoubtedly a handy arsenal of products to add new life to lackluster hair without looking like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket! - Alexandra Gambardella

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