Beauty Find - Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara

A mascara's promise of volume and length can be a subjective one, but if you're like me and love mascara (and high-impact lashes), in general, it often comes down to those first few swipes with the brush - and the what your lashes look (and feel like) seconds after. 

Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara passed the test for me and it's a mascara I highly recommend - but with a few application tips which I'll mention below. The formula is thick and creamy, and the brush is very thick, dense and large. 

The mascara applied like a dream and definitely felt like a decadent treat for my lashes daily. I also loved the finish, which is a glossy, black one. The amount of length extension for my lashes was phenomenal (and my lashes are naturally fairly long) - as was the volume and thickness I could achieve with just 2-3 coats. My lashes remained soft and this formula did not smudge or flake during the day.

This can be layered later after the initial application very nicely if you want even more impact for night time. 

Here are two things I recommend to get the best results out of this mascara: Step 1. Wipe off the tip of the brush (due to it's size, when you initially take the brush out of the tube, there is usually excess mascara/large clump on the tip) Step 2. Go a little slower as you swipe this mascara along the lashes (again, the larger size and shape of this brush are not ideal for separation - but I found when I went a little slower on my lash swipes, I never had a problem with clumping and got a great result. 

Wonderful mascara for the mascara lovers out there! - RLB 

Go-->Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara 0.36 oz


eyelash extensions montreal said...

I wish there was an example of your lashes on this post to see the before and after!

M. Parker said...

I agree. This review would have been a bit better if we had photos of your lovely lashes before and after application. :)