Body Care Find - Tweezerman Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates

I've discovered a new product that you'll use ALL the time - and not mind having out in the open in your bathroom for all to see.

The Tweezerman Mix n' Match Runway Print Sole Mates is the perfect tool to take care of rough patches, dry feet, dead skin and calluses.  The two sides fit together to reveal this cool cheery modern print (seen closed above). It's only about 6"in long.

The stainless steel Miro-file, (The pink side seen to the left when open), does an quick, (painless) and easy job of removing all the dead skin on feet. Especially on heels which need a lot of TLC if you're a constant walker like me. 

Best of all, all the foot shavings are stored in a compact opening under the file until you're done.  So no mess!  Then, all you have to do is open up the top (silver area shown upper right) and toss in the garbage.

The white side is the finishing file (seen to the left when open). I used after filing to quickly buff my heels, and my feet looked and felt like perfection - soft, smooth and sandal ready!  

This is a foot care item you should never be without.  Easy to travel with and take to the gym as well! It can also be easily washed with warm water. - RLB 

*This product was provided courtesy of Tweezerman PR for reviewing purposes.

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