Fragrance Find - Jimmy Choo Flash

Looking for a sexy "Floriental" (floral fragrance with warm/oriental notes) for spring?  
Jimmy Choo Flash fits the bill perfectly.
The second fragrance from luxury shoe/accessories brand Jimmy Choo, was created by Christine Nagel, (also famous for the perfume big hit, Narcisco Rodriquez for her).
Flash begins with a nice "airy", sparkling mix of citrus blended with fresh sweet notes, strawberry and pink pepper. The effect was fresh and uplifting.  While this opening was not the most original one I've experienced, it was very pleasant.
Past the first few minutes of  the opening, the scent became decidedly more complex.  The floral notes came in, but softly, and for many hours.  The sensuousness of the fragrance for me lies in the creamy woody warmer notes that blend in with the florals throughout the day and make it more of a classic oriental.
The dry down became warmer and dryer - but not too much sweeter, which I really loved.  There was a nice amount of Vanilla, but it was balanced with drier, woody notes which kept it very sophisticated. There were also touches of honey-like notes which left a appealing finish on my skin. 
From the opening to the dry down this scent had a very nice pace - it transformed and developed smoothly and slowly, which also added to it sexy quality.

I liked the moderate level of silage while I walked around during the day or out at evening, and the staying power, while not more than 6+ hours on me, made it a fragrance that I touched up in the evenings - and looked forward to, as a matter of fact.  This is a fragrance with a knockout bottle meant for admiring - and a scent you'll reach for on a regular basis. - RLB

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: pink pepper, strawberry, tangerine
Middle Notes: tuberose, jasmine, white lily
Base Notes: white wood, heliotrope

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*This product was provided courtesy of Jimmy Choo PR for reviewing purposes.

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