Nail Polish Find - Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop Nail Polish

If this polish doesn't say FUN! I don't what does....
Candy Show is a (sheer) pink with really large, multi-shaped, large, chunky glitter which gives the amazing effect of a donut or cupcake with sprinkles.
I found the best way to apply this is to "press" the polish on to my nails during each coat, rather than brush it on - and then let dry completely before adding the next one. The polish has a nice texture and is smoother than it would appear given the level of glitter.  If you apply 3 coats the pink will be opaque. 
This is perfect when you just want something fun and different, and it's perfect for young girls/teens for a cute (and crazy!) school look.
Note: This polish takes a bit of effort to remove the traditional way. I highly recommend this video to learn a great trick for easily removing glitter nail polish. - RLB

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