2013 Billboard Music Awards Inspired Nail Art!

Our friends at the hot L.A. and Tokyo-based MARS the Salon have given us great tips to share with you on how to create two nail art looks inspired by the recent 2013 Billboard Music Awards red carpet. - RLB
You can create a nail look that take a cue from Selena Gomez's sleek white gown which made a statement with pops of neon color. 

- File your nails into desired shape.

- Apply nude or white polish as base coat. Using a precision brush,  start at the base of the nail and draw straight lines to form a “V” shape with desired neon color.

- Alternate “V” shape from starting at the base of the nail to starting mid-nail.

- Apply top coat for added shine. 

Miley’s head-to-toe checkered jumpsuit look definitely turned heads on the blue carpet.  These nails have all the same fun details!

- To create this look file your nails into desired shape. 

- Using white nail polish, draw a “half moon” shape at the base of the nail and fill in color to the top.

- Using a precision brush, apply gold litter polish along the dividing “half moon” shape. (Add gold rhinestones for added wow factor!)

- Use precision brush to draw horizontal and vertical lines on white section of the nail, alternating between gold glitter and black polish.

- Apply top coat for added shine.


*Images provided courtesy of MARS the salon.

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