Beauty Find - The Pierre Hardy for NARS Collection


The shoe designing genius that is Pierre Hardy has collaborated with NARS Cosmetics on one of their most beautiful collections yet!
There are graphic blushes and beautiful nail polish "duos" (like a pair of shoes complete with a box and "duster bag") that have exquisite packaging, design and color palettes.
Let's talk about two of my favorites from the collection...
The Boys Don't Cry blush (shown, above) is a stunner - isn't' it?
This blush is now 1 of my favorites when I need a quick pop of color.  It's a very pigmented, vibrant coral red shade with a matte finish.  The gold pattern you see is simply an over spray, so I found a bit of the gold blended in with the color to give my cheeks a bit of shimmer, but when I continued to blend, it became matte. 
There are touches of red when the color was blended on my cheeks, which was very flattering.  I also loved the soft, smooth texture which makes it extremely easy to blend.  Since it's so pigmented, if you have a heavier hand, note you only need to dab the top of your brush into the pan to get more than enough color - even for darker skin tones. 
The staying power was also fantastic - basically all day after applying it in the early morning.  The OTHER great thing about this blush is the size - it larger than the classic NARS blushes - by more than double (.16oz vs .45oz). The other light peach blush shade in the collection is called Rotonde.
The Nail Polish Duos are also a fantastic idea.  Two colors that you can play with for nail art - or simply switch up between you fingers and toes! There are six sets of nail polishes in all to choose from. 

The packaging is inspired by Pierre's Hardy's own shoe boxes - they come in a little white box with the bottles facing in opposite directions (like shoes!), as well as that mini dust bag I mentioned earlier.

Vertebra, one of the Duo's is also in that Coral family like the Boys Don't' Cry blush - and was right up my ally. 

The two shades are simply named "left" and "right".  The left one is a medium pink/coral cream and the right one a beautiful dusty rose with a fair bit of brown - enough so that it made a very interesting, modern twist on "nude" for my nails/skin tone as it mimicked some of the brownness and undertones in my actual skin.

The textures of both polishes are creamy and medium weight. Two coats gave me a nice opaque, shiny finish with no streaking or patchiness.  With top coat these polishes lasted a good 4-5 days before any chipping/wear.

By the way, NARS polishes retail for $19.00, and the set is $29.00, so it's also a fantastic deal and perfect for gift giving - or splitting with a girlfriend! - RLB

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*These products were provided courtesy of NARS PR for reviewing purposes.

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Alicia said...

Love the nail colors. I find them light and perfect for everyday wear. I also love the palette. Natural on skin.