Beauty Innovation - You Smell Paper Soap


Don't love the idea of washing your hands with the generic, drying bathroom soap in the office/airport/club/gym? 
Why not bring your own!
Now you can with these ingenious (an amazing smelling!) sheet paper soaps from You Smell Soap company (How does the name grab you?  I happen to love the wit!).
The sheets are housed in a thin case about the size of a business card.  All you have to do it place a sheet in your dry hand, then add water and lather!  Unlike some paper soaps
I've tried in the past, the lather in these sheets is creamy and thick and smells like a fresh juicy LEMON.  The soap is also not super drying like some hand soaps can be.  The actual sheets are paper thin and silky smooth. 
The sheet simply dissolves into your hands and then you can rinse.  Tip:  Make sure you don't take out a sheet with WET hands as it will cause the sheets to stick together.
Another great plus?  By stashing one of these in your bag, you'll get a nice lemon scent in with you all day when you reach in for something.
These soaps are made without parabens or  phthalates, and also contains Allantoin, which protects skin from irritation, (these are safe for sensitive skin) and also make it feel soft, smooth, and healthy.
Brilliant!  Order a pack or two for yourself and for some quick, easy beauty gifts for friends/family. - RLB
Each packet comes with 25 sheets.
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*These products were provided courtesy of You Smell Soap PR for reviewing purposes.

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