Drugstore Buy of the Week - L’Oreal Color Riche Balm Versailles Romance Collection, Sundays by the Seine


L'Oreal Color Riche Balms have always been a favorite of many of my fellow beauty blogger/beauty editor buddies, but it wasn't until I spotted this L’Oreal Color Riche Balm Versailles Romance collection in my local drugstore that I was COMPELLED to have one.
Two as a matter of fact....
As you can see, the collection is a very pretty take on spring pastels, with balms and their matching shaded cases in, as shown from left to right in the display: Pink-Rose 946 Provence Romance, Butter Yellow (949 Bijoux Bijoux Bijoux), Baby Blue (945 Sundays by the Seine, shown a the top closed, and to the left, open) Coral-Peach (948 Laze In The Maze), Pale Baby Pink 950 Come To My Window and Sheer Violet 947 Legally Regal.  Sundays by the Seine was my first, and then I later went back and picked up Bijoux ,Bijoux, Bijoux and Provence Romance.
While only the 2 pinks/coral/violet actually leave a sheer color on the lips, the texture and finish of these balms are fantastic all around. Note: The Yellow and Blue have a clear, but dewy finish - and they are so CUTE!

They felt incredible going on my lips. As a matter of fact, they are some of the smoothest, buttery soft (but not greasy!) balms I've every tried. 
I was also impressed with the continuous moisture on my lips throughout the day.  It was never heavy or sticky, and the actual colored shades leave the perfect light sheer amount of color on your lips.  They are scented with a lovely, subtle Carmel blend and I also liked how sophisticated the tube packaging looks. 
I've been carrying mine every day since I picked them up and love pulling them out of my bag and watching fellow beauty lovers ask me what they are! - RLB
Go> Available for a limited time in most national drugstores - Hurry and get yours...
 *Image credit, RL Baranja


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