Drugstore Buy of the Week - Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla Macadamia Kiss

Talk about yummy!

Nivea Lip Butter, Vanilla Macadamia Kiss is in a cute little tin (as opposed to the more commonly used and preferred tubes now), and it costs a little bit more than most lip balms, but I was really happy with this one!

The smell, is as amazing as that image on the tin - it's the essence of REAL Vanilla and Macadamia and it so soft and creamy. I liked the finish - a nice healthy shine. The taste is much more subtle than the smell, which I actually preferred so it wasn't "overkill". 

The formula is hydrating, but didn't feel heavy or greasy. It works very well on chapped lips to sooth them instantly as well. The balm worked nicely underneath my lip products and I also liked the large tin packaging in order to get a fairly large amount of product.

I know for some of you, unfortunately, the tin is not ideal as you don't like putting your fingers in it.  Perhaps this balm may eventually come in a tube version as well. However, for me, I loved the lightweight tin with its slightly retro feel, and the lid was very easy to pop on/off and still stayed very secure in my bag. There are 3 other flavor combinations too, like Vanilla Caramel Kiss, so try them all! - RLB

Go-->Nivea Lip Butter, Vanilla Macadamia Kiss, .59 oz

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