Nail Polish Find - Paul and Joe Nail Enamel in Rio (035)

I've long admired the unique products and colors that French fashion brand Paul and Joe have created over the years (those cat-shaped lipstick/cream blush heads are hands down one of my all time favorites!)
This year, as part of their Summer 2013 Collection they have added 4 new nail colors that you'll love.
My favorite in the collection is one that will look great on fingertips - or toes, Rio (#035).  This is a very rich, very shiny orange toned red with a touch of coral (it's brighter than the photos shown).  It's a perfect way to transition from red nails into a lighter, but equally as high impact of a color for spring/summer.
The polish is very creamy and smooth, but 2 coats were needed to match the shade in the bottle.  The lasting power of the polish, in conjunction with a top coat was very good - at least 4-5 days before any chipping at all.
And that bottle design!  So cute, so beautiful and retro all at the same time - it just makes me smile every time I use'll want to collect more shades just to see them all together on your shelf/vanity/drawer.  - RLB
Go--> These will be available in the US May 1st.  Online locations to purchase will be updated.

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