Beauty Find - Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25

Clarins didn't hop on to the BB (Beauty Balm) bandwagon right away, but they took their time to create a very "Clarins" BB product that's the perfect combination of their amazing skin care and color coverage technologies. A traditional BB Cream is meant to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.  I think Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25 goes one step further by also offering a bit of a lovely glow and mattifying properties as well.
For me the 03/Dark shade was a good match (but I stress that as with many, many other BB cream brands, the Clarins shade selection is still very limited, as there only two others available which are lighter).
This cream is great for many different skin types, which is a big plus.  The finish is semi-matte with a bit of a powdery feel. It's hydrating but not oily - so it will work with normal, combination skin as well as skin that's a bit drier.  It has a very silky, creamy texture that blends very nicely with a foundation brush (I preferred this), and fingers too.  The coverage is more that you would get with a tinted moisturizer, and for those of you with very little discoloration or marks, the need for concealer will be minimized as well.  It also has a nice, light, slightly melon scent that dissipates quickly. 
The product is very pigmented and offers just a touch of illuminator to the finish (not shimmer) which gives a bit of a glow to the skin.  This is great for an everyday look, perfect for the office to look like yourself - only better, and to give yourself a bit more polish on the weekends as well.  It also contains SPF 25 so you've also got a nice bit of everyday sun protection too. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins PR for reviewing purposes.

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