Beauty Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Nail Lacquers from Priti NYC!

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind


Earth Day 2013 may have come and gone, but let's face it – we shouldn't need an excuse to be kind to our planet whenever humanly possible, especially considering so many of our most relied-upon beauty products aren't the most eco-friendly. Luckily, nail polish brand Priti NYC makes it totally painless to jump on the "gentle polish" bandwagon.

Unlike some eco-conscious polish brands, Priti's offerings manage to be reasonably priced and certainly don't skip on the color payoff OR the color selection – from soft pastels and poppy neons to glistening metallics (and even glitters!), we dare you to think of a hue that Priti doesn't serve up, 5-free style! So what does it mean to be "5-free" exactly? Priti NYC polishes are free of carcinogenic ingredients toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

They're also vegan and completely non-toxic... and still manage to be chip-resistant and quick-drying! Intrigued? Check out the full collection on Priti's official site! - Alexandra Gambardella

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