Travel Beauty Find - SEPHORA COLLECTION Targeted Eye Remover Swabs


While cotton buds pre-loaded with makeup remover is not necessarily a brand new idea, SEPHORA COLLECTION Targeted Eye Remover Swabs have perfected them for two times when you really need it most: 1) travel 2) makeup mistakes/touch ups.

All 20 buds are filled with a very gentle yet, effective makeup remover.  The bud at the top with the blue line simply needs to be "snapped" in a downward motion in order to release the pre-measured remover to the other (plain white) swab end to use.  The process was easy and took just a few seconds to begin using them.

The remover itself is very lightweight and non-oily, but was very effective at taking off my long wear as well as waterproof eye makeup, as well as lip makeup.  For the most part, I needed to use one swab for each of my eyes, but if I didn't have on a great deal of eye makeup, I could get away all of the liquid contained in the bud for both eyes. 

Their other great use is for correcting smudged eyeliner/mascara, as well as correcting or refining liquid eyeliner for that perfect "Cat Eye" look.

The packaging in small, square and clear, so you can also see how many you've used along the way.  They can be tossed in most makeup/carry on bags, as well as stashed in your office drawer or car's glove compartment.  Definitely another ingenious Sephora Collection product to stock up on.  - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of SEPHORA COLLECTION PR for reviewing purposes.

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