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When you open up the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, .5 fl oz you really must forget about all of the previous foundation primers you've used before.
This product is a smooth, silky paste, and in a jar, no less.  It's lightweight but it's still a paste, much unlike most makeup primers which are gels or creams in sticks/tubes.

However, don't let that stop you for using this "magic in a pot"!
To begin using the Magic Perfecting Base I added a small amount to my fingers and then lightly applied thin layers to my skin.  The white product in the jar, blended in right away and was completely colorless after application. The texture of my skin was smooth, and silky - absolutely a beautiful canvas to begin applying my makeup.  The base is lightweight but does not budge - so not only did it help to keep makeup stay put and fresh, it was one of the best ways to keep a matte makeup look during a hot, humid day! 
I also specifically added a bit more on to my lids on days when I was adding a eye color product for longer wear - eye shadow, pencil or long wear cream shadows. 
After applying the Magic Perfecting Base , I waited about 1-2 minutes for it to set, and then add your normal makeup. This all but ensured that my makeup would look the same at the end of the day as when I first applied it in the morning.  It really does ensure a smooth, matte surface for everything from BB Creams to traditional foundations.
I also found that it aided in mid-day oily breakouts, and I only had to blot 1-2x during the day when I used it. Even with the blotting, I still noticed there was much less oil
that was left on my blotting sheet.
Since this is a small pot, it's crucial to remember that a little goes a long way - so you're getting your money's worth.  Another tip is to mix it a bit on the top of your hand to warm
it up and aid in spreading before adding to your face.  I also liked using a foundation brush to apply it in thinner layers.  This is also a good way to approach this product for those
of you who don't like putting your fingers into jars.

This is one of those makeup products you'll always want in your makeup kit after your experience it. - RLB

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