Beauty Find - Touchback Brow Marker

The ease of a pencil with the staying power of a long wear marker, Touchback Brow Marker will make your brow grooming MUCH easier.

The pen is very saturated and has a fine tip which I could use to make very small hair like lines along the ends of my brows and some of the thinner areas.  I liked the soft black shade as well as the dark brown, and sometimes mixed them for a very natural result. The finish is matte and blended in with my brows beautifully. The portability and size of the marker makes it ideal for quick touch ups or easily creating an evening look after work.

The ink dried very quickly and set immediately.  Throughout very humid temps, rain and long days, my brows never wore off, melted or flaked.  It only took a very soft touch to push the color out of the pen, so I was done with my brows daily in under a minute on most days - love it! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Touchback Brow Marker PR

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