Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dove Go Fresh Fig Orange Blossom Collection

Leave it to Dove's latest Go Fresh collection to combine Blue Fig and Orange Blossom into a bath care set of products which are the perfect balance between fruity and fresh. And because it's Dove, known for their nutrium-moisture formulas, all the products are also very moisturizing. 

The scent, particularly in the body wash, started off quite sweet for me with a lot of the fig very abundant. But as the water mixed with the cream and created a lather,  more citrus and floral notes came through and blended beautifully.

It rinsed off very cleanly and left me feeling fresh - not stripped or dry. 

There was never any film or sticky layer left behind. The beauty bars, equally gave me a fresh sensation while giving my skin a nice amount of moisture.

I also loved layering the scent with the anti-perspirant, which is a slightly lighter, yet equally as fresh version of the scent as well, and it kept me very dry even in hot/humid temps. Hopefully a Blue Fig + Orange Blossom GoFresh body mist is also in the works??!! - RLB

Go-->Dove Restore Body Wash, Blue Fig + Orange Blossom, 24 fl oz

Go-->Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars, Restore, 8 ea

Go-->Dove go fresh Restore 48 Hour Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Blue Fig + Orange Blossom, 2.6 oz

*These products were provided courtesy of Dove PR for reviewing purposes.

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