Fragrance Find - Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap

There have been several fragrances in recent years that claim to be fresh and "soap like" - which I personally love.

However, it's MUCH easier said than done, in my opinion.

Sometimes the scent just end up featuring strong florals, sharp grassy notes or powdery ones which don't always translate to a "soap" scent to me.

So of course I had high hopes for a Demeter Cologne whose name is "Pure Soap ".

If you truly like a soapy, clean smell, then Demeter has hit it on the mark for you. The references scent wise for me were a slightly more floral cross between Ivory and Dove soap.

The opening notes were quite strong and brisk on me and smelled of "alcohol" (of the rubbing variety) with bursts of white floral. But within just a minute or two it had settled into a very soft, clean, and indeed "soapy" smell. 

The scent is long lasting and remained quite steady on my skin for over 5+ hours on average. When it began the dry down phase, it became a very light, powdery scent that still kept that soap like essence. Demeter Pure Soap is a scent that can be worn every day and doesn't "project" too far from the body , so it's a scent also meant for a subtle presence - or just to have it noticed by those that are close to you in your every day life.

This is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, a post plane refresher, an after work out scent or to spritz directly in the shower (as I like to in the summer time). This also wears well in the hair (without drying it or changing scent radically) and so can be also used as a hair perfume/deodorizer after a late night.

Demeter Pure Soap also comes in a body wash and roller ball version, so it's perfect to keep that soap like fragrance layered all day if you wish. This is also one of my go-tos for very hot days, as the notes pair well in hot, humid weather, when you want to feel cool and fresh. - RLB

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