HIPP x RGB Nail Highlight:The Perfect Summer Pick-Me-Up

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

While I don't mind splurging on a salon mani-pedi every now and then, usually when I'm in the most dire need to fix my nails, it's either too late for a trip to the salon, or I'm feeling ridiculously lazy. Sure, at-home manis are cheap, but it still requires significant time and effort to apply even, streak-free coats that don't get all over your cuticles and look like total crap – not to mention the dry time involved! I think that aforementioned laziness is why I'm in love with HIPPxRGB's Nail Highlight.

Gorgeously pearly and iridescent, but not too opaque or in-your-face, this neutral lacquer/topcoat can be worn alone or over any other shade for a glossy, pearlescent finish. Just one, haphazard coat will do the trick if you're looking for the ultimate quickie at-home mani, and the best part? Chips are hardly noticeable! Sure, it's a bit of a splurge at $20 a bottle, but think of all the lightning fast summer manis you can get out of this simple, pretty polish!

Looking for more summer-friendly nail shades? Download TheFind's brand-new iPad app and browse on the go (even on the way to the salon)!

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