Nivea Gets a Fashion-Forward Makeover, Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff!

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

If I had the budget to have an entire closet full of Rebecca Minkoff bags (okay, shoes t00), believe me, I would! She definitely tops the list of my favorite accessory designers, and sadly her branded goodies are just slightly out of reach for me to stock up on regularly (though I guess that's for the best!). Luckily, the latest project for the fashion designer will hardly set you back a mere $5.99 – a fraction of the price of one of those covetable MAC Clutches!

Rebecca has teamed up with skincare brand Nivea to give their best-selling lip balm a festive makeover! In honor of Nivea's second Style, Uncapped campaign, which encourages lip balm addicts everywhere to design their own custom lip balm caps, Rebecca has designed three of her own caps that you can buy now on the campaign's official website. Inspired by one of her recent runway designs, which was influenced by a vintage bandana, these three limited-edition caps totally make my favorite drugstore lip savior that much more fun! - Alexandra Gambardella

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