Beauty Innovation - AVON Mega Effects Mascara

Are you willing to rethink what a mascara looks like?

Are you willing to learn a new way of applying mascara?

If the answer to these 2 questions is yes - then you're in for some of the longest, lushest, huge lashes you'll get outside of extensions/false lashes with Avon MEGA Effects Mascara 

Let's start with the mechanics of the Avon MEGA Effects. 

The packaging is essentially a small, soft, plastic rectangle.  Each side in the center of the tube (where it says AVON) must be lightly squeezed together in order to open the top. (This may take a minute or two to get open!). Next you take off the red cap.

What you will see next is the neck of the actual brush, which is sticking straight up.  It looks a bit like a small painter's brush, which has to be pulled directly up out of the base (the black half). The short little red handle can be kept straight or bent at an angle to get your chosen lash look.

Now that I've described how to get it out, here's what it was like to use.

The tip of the brush has variously sized, densely packed stiff bristles which must be pushed from the base of the lashes up all the way through to the tips.  The best way to think of it as using a roller paint brush as if you were painting a wall, up and down.  I chose Black, which is a very deep, glossy black. The formula itself is a very wet one, so I found it was best to really take my time using this so I didn't get any smudges.

Once I passed through each of my lashes two times I was simply amazed by how long and lush my lashes looked!  I should note my lashes are not short, but this formula/brush combination increased the length and thickness by at least twice as much.  Because the formula is very wet, I also found I needed to wait a few minutes for the mascara to fully dry before attempting any eyeliner, etc.  There was no flaking or smudging once everything was set, and I loved the amount of height and separation my lashes maintained all day.

Avon MEGA Effects Mascara also does wonders for the lower lashes, but again, I found I had to go slow and steady and then I got amazing baby doll lashes.  Once dry, my lashes were slightly, "crunchy" to the touch, but appeared soft and separated throughout the day. Note: An alternative way of applying this is to place the brush near the base of your lashes and then blink slowly several times, so your lashes are coated with the mascara without having to use your hands to apply.

Coming in at only $10 Avon MEGA Effects Mascara is truly one of the best new mascara entries this year for the value and performance. The packaging still works for throwing in a travel bag or purse as well.  If you love BIG lashes for your regular beauty look and/or don't want to have to go through adding falsies for a special night out, this is THE ONE mascara you need. - RLB

Purchase Here: Avon MEGA Effects Mascara 

*This product was provided courtesy of AVON PR for reviewing purposes.

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