Drugstore Buy of the Week - gud Natural Body Wash Collection

gud Natural Body Wash Collection Brought to you by the long time  natural drugstore brand Burt's Bees, their new gud line includes body washes, lotions and hair care that build on Burt's values of creating healthy, effective natural products made with no Parabens, Phthalates or Petrochemicals. Only now they're a bit more fun, with unique scent combinations, product formulas and colorful packaging.

The body washes, in particular, are a real joy to use! My favorite was the gud Natural Body Wash, Ruby Red Groovy, made with notes of Grapefruit and Thyme. 

The freshness of the grapefruit made this an instant eye opening for my morning showers. The gel is fairly thick and very concentrated, so only a quarter sized amount is needed to get a complete clean. The lather is VERY thick and rich and the scent lingers faintly after rinsing off.

For all your floral fans, the Floral Cherrynova (pictured, left) is another winner! It's light cherry blossom scent blended with a soft almond milk. This one is very nice for a relaxed after work or post work out bath time. 

Another citrus blend I loved was Orange Petalooza, which is scented with Blood oranges and is a bit sweeter than the Ruby Red Groovy scent. After rinsing, these body washes left me feeling very fresh and my skin nice and smooth. These body washes left no film or stickiness and hydrated well (drier skin or drier areas of your body will need additional lotion post-shower however).

This is a great, natural line of body care to explore! - RLB

Go-->gud Natural Body Wash, Ruby Red Groovy, 10 fl oz

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