It's Official: Downton Abbey Gets its Own Beauty Collection

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind


From Mad Men to True Blood, there's something about the alluring stars of our favorite TV shows that just really makes us want to shop (especially period dramas)! And although they may not be real, the larger-than-life characters and their oh-so-covetable wardrobes often serve up more beauty and fashion inspiration than the real-life runways! Now, fangirls everywhere can rejoice again, because Downton Abbey is getting its very own beauty line, thanks to London-based department store Marks & Spencer.

The Edwardian-themed collection, which features everything from candles to lip gloss and balm sets, is set to launch this October, in order to coincide with the British premiere of the upcoming fourth season. And what's more is that NBC Universal has inked a two-year deal with the retailer, so chances are that the fun won't end with this 10-piece beauty line. Could a fashion line be in the works as well?

Don't miss the beauty loot when it hits stores this fall, and let us know in the comments – do any of these Downton-themed products suit your fancy? Fangirls can now Download TheFind's new iPad app and shop more Downton Abbey inspired fashion and beauty for the fall shopping season! - Alexandra Gambardella

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