NARS Pays Homage to its Bleecker Street Roots with Two New Fall Products

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

As someone who is pretty adventurous when it comes to makeup shades, picking an all-around favorite is no small feat. But that said, without a doubt, I'm a plum girl. Plum eyeshadow, plum lipstick, even plum eyeliner – it's just such a universally-flattering shade that works across the full spectrum of beauty products. Plum all day, every day, as far as I'm concerned!

So if you've taken a peek at NARS' 413 BLKR Collection for Fall 2013, named after the brand's flagship West Village store on Bleecker Street, it goes without saying that I'm pretty obsessed. But I'm not the only one buzzing about the collection's recent newest additions – a gorgeous plum lipstick and a deep midnight nail polish. These two perfect-for-fall products are available to buy as of August 1st, so get a head start on your autumn beauty routine and snatch them up before they're gone! - Alexandra Gambardella

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