Personal Care Find - Motif Moist hand and Face Wipes

These beautifully designed Motif Moist hand and Face Wipes not only feature attention worthy designs and patterns, but they have amazingly fragrant and unique scents that will make you feel you're applying a gentle fragrance with a wipe instead of an spray atomizer or roller ball.
They are gentle enough to use on both face and hands and they are larger than the average wipe (almost twice the size) so you can get a very good clean.  The wipes are soft and very moist - but not drenched. They cleaned well without stripping my skin.  They also hydrated my hands (a lovely benefit!) and didn't leave any sticky or oily film after drying.
The price is also fantastic - just about $2.00 for 15. My favorite scents were the Citrus Zest and Ginger (shown left) and the Olive Leaf and Coriander (shown, above).  Both of which smelled very authentic and natural, but not overpowering.  These also come in a third fragrance, Water Lilly and Herbs.  Pick up a few for upcoming travel, last minute touch up needs at the office, your school bags and the gym. - RLB
*This product was provided courtesy of Motif PR for reviewing purposes.

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