Beauty Find - intraceuticals Opulence Line

I discovered the amazing intraceuticals skin care line and oxygen treatments via Celebrity makeup artist, Gina Brooke several years ago.

This summer, I was able to finally try their amazing intraceuticals oxygen treatment (one that is used by Madonna, and countless other celebrities, especially before big red carpet events!).

The line, and treatment, I wanted to try was the Opulence, which is designed to make skin brighter, clearer and bring increased radiance to the skin - sounded good to me!

The treatment itself was calming and relaxing, and my facialist showed me the dramatic difference in my skin by applying the treatment and opulence products first to only one half of my face.  My skin indeed had a beautiful glow, was plump and hydrated and more toned.

To keep these amazing results I continued using the entire Opulence line during the summer, and have been very impressed with the results.  The line consists of 4 products (plus another from their Booster line which I added: Opulence Brightening Cleanser, The Rejuvenate Daily Serum, Opulence Hydration Gel and Opulence Moisture Brightening Cream. The Booster serum I choose to use with this skin care trip was the Booster Collagen Serum.

Each day, 2x day ,I used the cleanser along with my Clarisonic.  It's very rich and creamy and feels slightly thick going on but spreads quickly and cleansed my skin thoroughly.  It's not a big foaming cleanser however - so don't expect a lot of bubbles.  Next I added the Daily Serum, which is light and penetrated my skin also very quickly.  In the evenings, I added a small amount of Booster Collagen Serum to my serum for a bit of additional overnight skin firming and brightening action. 

Next up, a small pump of the Opulence Hydration Gel, which is a lightweight clear gel that I patted only on my drier areas like my cheeks.  This gel provided great moisture and even with all of these layers, my skin didn't feel greasy, sticky or heavy.  The final product, the Opulence Moisture Brightening Cream is the product that really does the work in keeping skin tone even and working on little hyperpigmentation spots.  Even though I was using the line during the summer when I obviously have more sun exposure, I was very happy to see my overall tone maintained an even color and there was no additional hyperpigmentation throughout.  Over the course of several months I saw a daily glow to my skin, more even skin tone with no clogged pores, breakouts or sensitivity.

This is a pricier line for all the products combined, but I have to say the formulas are very concentrated and effective (no more than a pea-sized amount is needed for any of the products), so the entire line should last you at least 7+ months - even with daily use.

A fantastic skin investment that will put on the level with the "stars"! - RLB

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*These products were provided courtesy of intraceuticals PR for reviewing purposes.

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