Body Care Find - Degree MotionSense Activated Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

There sure are a LOT of deodorants in the drugstore shelf today.

But how many of them can you say make you feel confident ALL the time - no matter how hot it gets, how active you are or how much you work out?

Degree Women Expert Protection MotionSense Antiperspirant Deodorant Invisible Solid, Fresh Energy uses a new technology called "Motion Sense".  It has microencapsulated fragrance technology that actually gives an instant release of freshness when you move.  This one gets the job done.

It did sense my movements and worked extremely well - each and every day.  During a heat wave? I was dry and fresh all day.  After running around the city all day?  Still dry and fresh.  The NEXT morning after applying it the day before - a little more wetness was detected - but still a fresh clean burst of scent from the underarm area.  As I was testing during the day, I noted whether I got that "burst" of freshness the more I moved, and indeed I did get slightly stronger (not obnoxious however) bursts of the scent.

The product does claim 48 hour guaranteed protection, and while you may not want to chance going 2 days without reapplying deodorant (I had to test the claim after all!), I can say that if you happened to be in that situation, you need not panic.

The texture of the deodorant stick is fairly smooth and slightly on the moist side upon first application, but it dries fully within a minute or so.  The scent, Fresh Energy, is a bright and clean slightly soapy-citrus scent that was present, but never overbearing or seemed to interfere with any other fragrance I was wearing. 

This is a must have product to feel fresh and confident during hot weather, intense activity, a really busy work day when you need to be around a large group of people or travel through several time zones, for example.

Great technology, great price and confidence all rolled up in this package for sure! - RLB

Go-->Degree Women Expert Protection MotionSense Antiperspirant Deodorant Invisible Solid, Fresh Energy, 2.6 oz. Also available at and most drugstores nationwide.

*This product was provided courtesy of Degree PR for reviewing purposes. Mine was actually bedazzled! :)

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