Drugstore Buy of the Week - Hello Dental Care

If the packaging doesn't catch you eye in the drugstore toothpaste aisle, then it's name surely will, Hello....
This new dental care brand puts a little more style (and unique flavors!) into your everyday dental care routine.  The line features clean, streamlined bottles and tubes for a collection of strengthening and whitening toothpastes, (as well as the best looking breath spray you've ever seen,) mouthwashes and toothbrushes.  The products are also 99% natural and help freshen your breath and keep your teeth clean without the use of harsh chemicals, artificial colors or alcohol.

The toothpaste flavor I was most curious about was my hands down favorite -  mojito mint.  The tube holds a lot of it, which is a great thing, since mojito flavor put a smile on my face every day for an am and pm brushing and sometimes and third during the day just to freshen up with this flavor!  The cleansing effect was mild and effective, and I also saw whitening effects as well. The fresh flavor also lingered nicely in my mouth after I rinsed. There are 3 other great flavors to choose from- Supermint, Pink Grapefruit Mint (another favorite of mine) and Sweet Cinnamint.

The toothpaste packaging takes a little getting used to, as you have to squeeze it from the top which releases the toothpaste from a "pastry bag" - type tip.  For the mouthwash, the top also doubles as the measuring cup that you use to pour into your mouth. (Take care to twist this cap all the way closed to prevent leakages when the bottle is on your sink however!). 

The breath spray (shown above) also gave a nice burst of the mint mojito flavor without the strong usual alcohol blast that most sprays do.  All you have to do is twist the green top to reveal the spray opening and spray away.  The size is only about 2 inches or so, so even though it's not flat, it's small enough to fit in pockets and small bags/clutches when you're on the go (it's similar to the size/shape of an average thumb).
If you're looking for a dental brand that looks great in your bathroom,  and cleans effectively with unique flavors and natural ingredients, then say "Hello!" to your new dental care line! - RLB

Go--> Available at most drugstores nationwide and soap.com.

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