Drugstore Buy of the Week - NYX Cosmetics Super Fat Eye Marker

It's FAT - and it's really good!
NYX Cosmetics Super Fat Eye Marker is the perfect tool (at a great price!) for those times when you want to make a dramatic cat eye. 
Because of it's size, it really did feel like I was using a marker on my skin - but in a good way.
The ink flowed very easily but still with precision, allowing me to draw a thick line.  The smoothness allowed me to draw the line without any skipping or dragging.  It's super pigmented and a very dark black, which I also loved. 
The ink dried within about a minute, with a satin (not matte) finish, and then set for the rest of the day with no smudging or transfer to the upper lid.  I would say I didn't see any fading until after 10+ hours of wear.  Removal was very easy with a eye makeup remover.
I loved having a one swipe cat eye tool that I could turn too for goof-proof results every time!  If you have a steady hand by the way, the felt tip is flexible and shaped in such a way that you can also make great thinner lines as well.
Be sure to add this one to your kit for more dramatic evening looks or photo-shoots. - RLB
Go-->NYX Cosmetics Super Fat Eye Marker Also available at most drugstores and Ulta stores nationwide.
 *This product was provided courtesy of NYX Cosmetics for reviewing purposes.

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