Fragrance Find - Michael Kors SEXY Amber Eau de Parfum

Michael Kors' newest beauty line is divided into three different "looks" (or alternatively three different types of women who love the Michael Kors brand) - Sexy, Sporty and Glam.  To coincide with this collection, he has also introduced three corresponding fragrances created under the same umbrella.

It's a very practical, modern and fun way to approach beauty - similar to his overall design sensibility, I think.

Of the three scents, the Michael Kors Sexy Amber  was far and away my favorite.  This scent to me is the best combination of fitting the personality of the brand, with a mix of notes that are yes, sexy, but also at the same time surprisingly approachable and clean.

The main notes are Creamy sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk, layered with white floral and citrus notes.  This is considered an Oriental-Floral, but I feel it has a very elegant feel to it that doesn't allow it to get too overwhelming. 

The opening was my favorite part of the scent - a nice burst of those floral and citrus notes that immediately gets a soft white flower, and then amber warmth.  I got great wear from this scent, (usually 6+ hours), and it has a medium silage.  The dry down got a bit more complex, with dry but warmer notes from the sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

If you're a big Michael Kors fan, then you'll love this bottle's design - which is fitting with his "Jet Set Glamour" signature style.  A tall, chic bottle with some heft to it - complete with a metallic bronze finish plate and Michael Kors logo. Although this is a sensual fragrance, it's still very appropriate for daytime/office wear, and of course, with a bit more layering - a big date night...

This scent is now a permanent one in my fragrance rotation - and I think it will be in yours too! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Michael Kors PR for reviewing purposes. 


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