Keep Your Hair and Makeup Fresh All Day

By Aly Walansky for Completely You

Whether you are headed from the gym to the office or from the office to a hot date, it’s so important to end the day as fabulously as you began. What are some tricks to looking fresh and perfectly coiffed the whole day through? Fill your makeup bag with these must-have, on-the-go beauty products.

1. Sweat happens -- to everyone. While a healthy glow is nice, a shiny face is not. Oil-Absorbing Sheets is our do-or-die secret. One sheet does the trick!

2. Don’t leave home without a mini hairbrush, which will help keep strays in place. You can get one that fits your purse at most drugstores. If you spritz a little hair spray before you leave the house in the morning, you can reactivate the spray and re-set your style by lightly wetting the mini brush and going over your hair. I also recommend investing in a great dry shampoo (I carry mine everywhere).

3. Don’t let dry, flaky patches of skin get the best of you. Carry an empty lip-gloss pot (washed out first!) filled with moisturizer, to use under the eyes or other dry-spots, or on the hands during the day.

4. If you don’t want to carry a gigantic makeup bag to the office, invest in a rose-colored lipstick: It gives your pout just the right amount of color and works double duty as cheek blush for those days when it seems like your makeup is faded and you need a boost.

5. To keep your mouth feeling and smelling fresh all day, keep a mini, ready-to-use disposable toothbrush on-hand. A compact reusable one works fine, too!

6. Here’s a beauty rule to live by: Tinted moisturizer is EVERYTHING, always. BB cream is even better. If you apply moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder every morning, a BB cream is your go-to, do-it-all product. It can be applied with your fingers and goes on evenly.

7. A quick way to brighten up your eyes during the day: a swipe of black mascara -- it’s especially important if you're skipping eyeliner. It will help make your eyes stand out without a lot of fuss.
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