Nail Polish Find - Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer


Chances are, these days, it's more than likely that if you like fashion/beauty there's at least ONE Marc Jacobs item in either your clothing/accesories - or fragrance collection. 
That's just how big the Marc Jacobs brand has gotten over the years.
Now, for the beauty lovers, you can add Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer to that collection.
These new Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer polishes from Marc's debut beauty line are thick, rich and come in such a beautiful, wide array of shades, there's something for everyone - from those who like to keep it simple with nudes and pale colors, to those who want daring bold shades, and even some offbeat, unique darker ones.
Even thought I don't wear puple very much on my nails, one of my favorites in the collection is #118 Oui! a beautiful, dimensional magenta/violet shade (shown at the top).  The dimension is very unique because it's not made up of "glitter" - although it gives that effect. 
The magenta is vibrant and serves to brighten up any skin tone, especially darker and brown ones.  Although the texture of the polish is thick, I found it very creamy and therfore still easy to apply.  Even with this thickness, however, I was very impressed by how quickly the polish dried (about a minute or two for both hands!).  The finish is my favorite - SUPER shiny and the wear was very good with a top coat - about 5 days before any noticiable chipping.
Two other colors I loved to wear that will be beautiful this Fall/Holiday season are Desire (a shimmery, rich ruby red) and Sally (a beutiful, deep rich multidimentional green with a touch of blue), (both, shown left). 
The chic packaging, is just what you would expect from Marc - with it's rounded bottle (the top separates from the brush cap for application), and shiny black lacquer accents.  These make the perfect beauty treat for yourself and the nail polish lovers in your life! - RLB

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