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My latest beauty innovation find in from Miyu, and their lovely new way to hydrate your skin and treat yourself from the inside out.

Miyu Hydrate Mi Beauty Pairing combines their Hydrate Mi beauty essence, which is a facial mist that provides the benefits of a serum and moisturizer all in one.  It can be used alone on normal-slightly oily skin, or used on dry skin as the first layer to prime skin for additional moisturizer or a hydrating primer. 

To use the products, I misted my face with the essence after cleansing morning and evening. The scent is beautiful - a blend of roses and other delicate florals that is strong enough to linger for just a few minutes and no more.  My skin was immediately soft and supply and the mist absorbed into my skin within just a few seconds. 

Afterwards, my skin didn't have any sticky or stiff feeling and I had a beautiful glow, thanks to the formula which includes Sodium hyaluronate (binds up to 1000x its own water weight, attracting much needed water to the skin).  I found that this did work on it's own on more humid days when my skin was not very dry, and on colder days, I could still layer a light moisturizer or primer over it before beginning my makeup in the morning with nice results.

The essence is paired with their Hydrate Mi beauty tea, a delicious blend of Green rooibos, which contains nine types of flavonoids to ward off age-accelerating free radicals and essential electrolytes to help hydrate from within. Goji berries deliver a healthy dose of Vitamin C, necessary for collagen production.

Since I'm a BIG Goji berry fan, the taste of this tea was perfect for me - a slight berry essence with a bit of green and floral.  It tastes wonderful with a touch of honey, on it's own, or even as an ice tea!  The tea is recommended in particular for people who don't tend to drink enough water, consume a lot of caffeinated beverages or live in dry climates.

This duo is also a perfect pick me up after a long day a the office before heading back out for the evening, or post workout at the gym. 

The tea bags are beautifully packaged individual triangular mesh bags, which can easily be put in the included smaller zip lock (inside the pink container) to take to the office or in a travel bag. 

The pair of beautifully designed products comes in a soft pink drawstring bag which can be used to carry the products themselves, as well as additional room for more makeup, travel fragrance, etc. before jetting off on a getaway.  It's also a great gift idea for the beauty lover in your life or a shower idea for a bride/mom-to-be! - RLB

.  MIYU beauty essences are also:
•    alcohol-free
•    fragrance-free (natural scent from botanicals)
•    non-irritating
•    clinically tested
•    allergy tested 
Go-->Miyu Hydrate Mi Beauty Pairing

*This product was provided courtesy of Miyu PR for reviewing purposes.

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