Celebrity Fragrance Find - Katy Perry Killer Queen


So...celebrity fragrances are not going anywhere anytime soon.
This may (or may not) be great news to you if you're a real fragrance lover.  But the fact is, there are still some bright spots in the celebrity fragrance landscape even after all these years.
Katy Perry's third scent, Katy Perry Killer Queen , is a sign that there are still some fresh ideas in this fragrance category.  With a beautifully crafted bottle shape, inspired in party by a royal scepter and the classic Chambord liqueur bottle, this scent makes the typical "sweet" fragrance just different enough to stand out.
To be honest, Katy Perry Killer Queen took more than a first try for me to really appreciate it.  The reason is that the opening notes, while sweet and slightly musky, were not unique in and of themselves. But after about 30 min or so - and then much later on in the dry down, the scent developed into something quite impressive. 
The scent which starts off very sweet, with berry notes, and became progressively much spicier and "mature" as the day went on.  However, the staying power of this scent on my skin was about 4-5 hours max, so I did have to reapply at least once during the day.  The dry down was very warm, spicy and almost "syrupy" in it's remaining sweet notes.  It's bold and different, without being too overwhelming. Basically, this is a grown up version of her pervious Meow and Purr scents.  So if you're not in your teens or early 20's, and like bolder scents, this could be right up your ally.
Back to that bottle. I love the design and color.  It's a real stunner if you're a packaging lover.  But, like a few other fragrances I've reviewed in the last year with unusual bottle shapes, this bottle does have to lie on it's side on the dresser (there is no base on which to place the narrow tip at the end to stand upright).
If you're looking for a sweet and spicy scent for a reasonable price, this is one you should give a try.  - RLB
Fragrance Notes:
Wild Berries, Red Velvet Flower. 

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*This product was provided courtesy of Katy Perry Fragrances PR for reviewing purposes.

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