Drugstore Buy of the Week - Mixed Chicks Spring Bands for Hair

Here's a GENIUS product from Mixed Chicks hair care, which specializes in hair products for women with curly and multi-textured hair. They're called Spring Bands and they make creating ponytails and braids SO easy for hair that can easily tangle and break.
The Spring Bands are made from a stretchy and smooth lightweight rubber that's coiled much like curly hair (think an old-fashioned telephone cord).  The material is so smooth it just glides over curls, coils and kinky hair - and they're cute too!
They come 5 in a pack and there are 5 colors to choose from and mix and match.  Grab a few packs for yourself or your little curly haired ones and take the "ouch!" out of making (or taking out) ponytails or braids. - RLB
Go-->Available at most drugstores and online. Mixed Chicks Spring Bands for Hair

*This product was provided courtesy of Mixed Chicks PR for reviewing purposes.

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That's a great product you have shared, It is made by spring which band the hair so strictly and make it according to you, It is in various color. Know about the exclusive product of Mixed Chicks for men to visit on resident.