Revlon's New Parfumerie Scented Nail Polishes Are Too Cute to Resist

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

They look like little perfume bottles... but wait! They're actually nail polish. But wait! They also smell like perfume. Wait, what? Okay, so Revlon's new line of fragranced nail polish may not be ground-breaking, exactly – in fact, they already have a pre-existing line of scented lacquer – but this revamped collection is definitely the cutest. The brand's new Parfumerie line elevates the perfume-meets-polish concept with adorable packaging, plus new scents, categorized by type (which just so happen to also coordinate with their color profiles) – Sweets, Spices, Fruits, Florals, and Freshes.

And before you roll your eyes, scrunch up your nose, and dismiss these polishes as a beauty product hybrid gone wrong, don't knock it till you try it! Unlike saccharine-sweet scents of most polishes that attempt to hide their "natural" scent, these lacquers actually smell nice, in a surprisingly sophisticated sort of way. Plus, it's nice to be able to touch up a chipped manicure in public without having to worry about irritating your neighbors. Look out for the Parfumerie line at your local neighborhood Walgreens store starting in November! - Alexandra Gambardella

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