Voya "Lazy Days" Seaweed-Based Bath is Surprisingly Relaxing

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While Fall definitely has its perks (cozy sweaters, boot weather, pumpkin spice lattes), it also has the potential to be a significantly stressful time of year. School is in full swing, it's the start of the final business quarter of the year, holiday shopping season is looming ahead, (and whatever else you have on your plate!), plus you've likely already used up most of your vacation days over the summer.... so chances are, you're likely looking for a new way to relax. Irish-based beauty and skincare brand Voya has an interesting new remedy – their Lazy Days bath.

Now, this isn't your typical light-some-candles-and-unwind type of bath. In fact, if you're typically squeamish about slimy seaweed at the beach, this is definitely not for you. Featuring hand-cut kelp and Dead Sea salt, this at-home bath treatment detoxifies, soothes, moisturizes, and stimulates circulation to help with skin redness, acne, and even cellulite. It's pretty darn genius (after all, it's a treatment that's been passed along for generations and generations), as long as you can get past the sliminess of it all. The best part? The seaweed can be dried and used again within three days... You know, if you're really stressed! - Alexandra Gambardella

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