Beauty Find - Clarins Instant Concealer

Like an amazing foundation, lip stick or perfume that can make you feel pretty and put together NO MATTER WHAT, having a go-to concealer is a very important part of a makeup collection.

Clarins newest product, Instant Concealer has now become that for me - bar none.

This highly pigmented, creamy concealer feels so soothing and just as the name implies - instantly evens out skin tone and covers up imperfections. It also has the added benefit of aloe vera to help calm eyes as well as some caffeine which stimulates circulation and de-puffs in the morning or after a long flight. When using, I found that as little as a pin-prick sized amount was all I needed to add to my concealer brush to even out my slight under eye circles and any small hyperpigmentation marks I had. It's creamy enough that it is hydrating, without being greasy, sticky or oily. It did not cake up, ball up or flake off during the day - in various types of weather too , I might add.

I used the darkest shade in the range, Shade 4 which was a perfect match, and had the right amount of yellow/orange/brown in it to just melt into my skin. It lasted all day and the color stayed true and did not fade or smudge. I usually applied it either on top of a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream that only offered light to medium coverage, or on the weekends, sometimes, just alone. Either way, my eye area and skin looked instantly better - brighter, more even and flawless.

There are 3 other shades in the range, which are lighter and cover lighter brown/yellow and fair undertones. This is a must have for many of you because it has that unique ability to both effectively cover both under eye circles as well as blemishes effectively - while making skin looking amazing to boot!

Pick this one up - ASAP. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins PR for reviewing purposes.

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