Body Care Find - Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Body Wash

Lisa Hoffman has become known over the last few years for crafting beautiful, unique scents that also take on unique forms - like jewelry and beautiful home fragrance items.
But she's also expanded one of her most popular fragrances into body care, and the Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Body Wash is simply a treat you want in your life.
The Japanese Agarwood fragrance itself, is a very complex and alluring scent.  The notes include Italian Bergamot, Spiced Ginger, and Warm Amber.  It's a fragrance that is citrus-based and clean and fresh - and yet also slightly warm at the same time. It's light, but sill leaves a nice layer of scent on the skin post-shower.  I promise you, you will not smell yourself "coming and going" by other people when you use this one. 
The body wash formula is the perfect compliment to the fragrance.  It's lightweight and silky, smooth in texture and  very concentrated.  It formed a fragrant, lush lather once I added water.  It was also surprisingly hydrating, so much so, I could feel the silky, smooth layer left behind immediately after rinsing, and had to use very little additional body moisturizer post-shower.  Note: If you have normal to slightly dry skin, you may not have to use any additional hydrating products after this body wash.
By the way, if you fall in love with the Japanese Agarwood scent (and I think you probably will) you can also purchase the complimentary body lotion, eau de perfume, roller ball, fragrance beads/fragrance jewelry as well! - RLB
*This product was provided courtesy of Lisa Hoffman Beauty PR for reviewing purposes.

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