2013 Holiday Beauty Gift Pick - Essie Belugaria Nail Polish

*Updated with link to my Instagram nail polish swatch! 

If you or someone you love is a nail polish fanatic, this holiday beauty gift pick is a MUST buy.

Imagine a nail polish that captures the TEXTURE and GLIMMER of actual Beluga Caviar...

Well, Essie has done it.  They've created one of the most visually spectacular nail polishes I seen in a long time. essie nail color, belugaria is the most amazing combination of textures: from multi-colored glitter, sand, sequins -all layered over a ultra black jelly polish  - which dries to a matte base.    In this respect, it really does give off the effect of having something similar to Caviar eggs "laying" on top of your nails. It gives the effect of the glitter/textured elements being embedded within the matte black.

This last part is very important to understand - this is not a shiny, glitter finish.  If you look closely at the picture at the top, all of the glitter and texture is occurring over a matte finish.  However, even though it's not "shiny" the glitter and sequins are packed into the polish and catch the light at every turn!

And this is also what makes Belugaria it so much fun.  I promise you won't go one day without someone commenting on your nails when you wear this one!  It's super fun for a night out and holiday soirees, or a great new way to wear a dark nail if that's what you love in the winter.  It's edgy and complex  - and exactly what a nail polish lover needs this holiday season.

Here are a few important application tips:

1. Because of all the different elements in this polish, it's ESSENTIAL that you shake and roll the bottle very well before applying.

2. The first coat may look a bit uneven, but this is just to give the nail a base cover.  Don't worry if the beads/sequins are not laying over the nail evenly yet.
 3. The second coat is where you'll fill in all the gaps/holes on the nail bed.  I recommend dabbing/pressing the polish on to get the glitter and sequins down in a nice fashion.  This nail polish dries very fast, so put as much as you want to show up and then move on to the next nail.  

4. Because of the textured elements, please be careful to not run your fingers through your hair/along fine sweaters, etc. as it may catch on it and pull. - RLB

Go-->essie nail color, Belugaria

*Images courtesy of Essie.com

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