2013 Holiday Beauty Gift Pick - Man Cave Skincare


Here's something new for the men!
All Natural men's grooming line, Man Cave (great name, huh?!) has a wonderful set to introduce the man in your life to their new line.
The Originals set has five full sized products in including their Moisturizer, FaceWash, Caffeine Shampoo, Cedarwood Shower Gel and Aluminum-Free Deodorant (please note this one is not an anti-perspirant however!)
What I love about this line is the fresh, bracing and very original outdoor-sy fragrance that runs through all the products in the line.  It's filled with Cedarwood and slightly spicy notes that are refreshing, but not too strong or overbearing.  All the products work very well together, and they are easy to use (especially for the man that "hates" grooming products!
The face wash and moisturizer are gentle and do the job effectively.  The products are moisturizing and the moisturizer soaks into skin very quickly, which is very important for a busy man on the go!  I also loved smelling the Ceadarwood Shower gel, which leaves a beautiful trace of the sent on skin, and lingers nicely in the bathroom as well. The Caffeine Shampoo is a great, all-around cleansing shampoo that doesn't strip hair and rinses clean.  It's also got  a  bit of actual caffeine in the formula (may not replace his morning coffee though!). All of these products, including the deodorant are very easy to toss in a gym bag or dop kit for travel and have great, masculine, modern packaging that men will feel great about using. - RLB
Note: Man Cave products do not contain: parabens, sulphates (SLS SLES), synthetic dye, petrochemicals, ingredients from animal sources and are not tested on animals.
*This product was provided courtesy of Man Cave Grooming PR for reviewing purposes.

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