2013 Holiday Beauty Gift Pick - Orlane B21 Extraordinaire

If you have a beauty lover in your life that loves the finer things, and in particular, French skincare, I have a discovery that's come my way from Orlane that will make a great gift.
Their newest product, Orlane B21 Extraordinaire is simply divine.
According to the company, the 21 amino acids (hence the B21 in the product's name), which are derived from organic iris flowers.  They create a multi-taking skin care product worth every penny.
The product is a serum/cream hybrid and is lightweight, but silky smooth.  It absorbs into skin immediately and leaves the skin instantly plumper, soft and smooth. You can then go on to use your favorite skin care products over it, such as moisturizer, serums, etc.
With regular use (in just 30 days!) you will see improved skin tone, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, more even tone, improved hydration and a beautiful glow. After just a few days with it myself, I was amazed with the improvement in my own skin tone.  This is indeed "Extraordinaire". - RLB
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*This product was provided courtesy of Orlane PR for reviewing purposes.

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