2013 Holiday Beauty Gift Pick - Thierry Mugler Alien Liqueur de Parfum, Limited Edition

What would happen if you placed a fragrance industry cult scent in an oak barrel - just like a rum or wine, and then actually distill it.  What do you think would happen?

Thierry Mugler and his fragrance team did just that, and the result is their newest flanker, Thierry Mugler Alien Liqueur de Parfum, 2013 holiday limited edition.

The distillation process created a scent that is truly a fragrance lovers fragrance!  Liqueur de Pafum has an added texture and richness with much more wood and amber (than the original), as a result.  It's quite simply the perfect luxury fragrance gift for someone who "has every other fragrance out there" (and the Mugler fragrance collector of course!).

From the beautiful bottle with a mysterious shape, to and colored glass that makes it appear as if it's golden precious stone, this is a scent that won't be forgotten.

The scent starts off with a great deal of (sweet) rum and creamy oak notes, and then becomes a bit more floral with the jasmine notes as the scent develops.  There are even lovely hints of almonds, cherry fruit and vanilla pastry along the way. The dry down remains on the sweeter side with the rum accord remaining, but with a very significant woody oak feel (from the distillation), that is still soft and very relaxing. For the fragrance lover that wants to smell their scent all day long, this is one that has both very good silage and staying power as well.

The result is a fragrance, which like so many Mugler scents, is complex, and beautifully blended. It's a sensual, sexy scent that many will love making their signature fragrance, particularly in the colder months. - RLB

P.S. I think this fragrance would be wonderful on both women and men...
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*This product was provided by Thierry Mugler Perfumes PR for reviewing purposes.

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